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We herewith offer our services as a reputable company in the field of Valves, Pumps, Pipes and Tanks in Firefighting/Emergency vehicles and equipment.


We have extensive knowledge and experience in the following:

• Rosenbauer Equipment and vehicles

• Zieggler pumps and Equipment

• Godiva pumps and equipment

• KSB pumps and equipment

• Mercedes Benz Fire fighters/Emergency vehicles

• Pathfinder vehicles by Chubb

• Deutz Fire fighters/Emergency vehicles

• FMC Firefighters/Emergency vehicles

• MAN Trucks and Firefighters/ Emergency vehicles

• General Motors V92 series engines, generators, marine engines and pumps.

• All piping, pneumatic, electro, and electro pneumatic valves, switchgear, gauges, etc.

• Light firefighting equipment (bakkie types)

• Small generators and plant, "Jaws of Life" lube service, battery packs, supply of fire suits, hats, ladders, training equipment, axes, etc.

• Light bars, sirens, hooters, etc.

•Modifications and conversions to up rate pump delivery and performance

Our most valuable service is the fact that all work executed being done on your premises.


 You are always aware and informed of the state and availability of your vehicle with communication from our resident technical team.

In the case of a normal lube service, it is done in such a way and collaboration with your Fire station that the vehicle will be ready within 30minutes if needed for assistance. Even if it means that the rest of the service will be done after the attended incident.

Should you need assistance during an incident where technical input is needed, we will gladly do so. Our service delivery has no time restrictions and is available 24/7at 365 days per year.

Our reaction time is 1hr (60minutes) from receival of call till reporting time as recorded in the OB at the Fire station

Spares availability on certain vehicle makes and equipment as per above might sometimes be a problem to obtain but we have sources able to assist within 48hours. (Guaranteed)

Our workmanship is fully guaranteed and spares used carry the normal supplier’s warranty.

In the most unlikely event of non-availability of our own technician we have highly recommended other sources available to this effect to assist within an hour. (The normal responding time)